TV11 Details

TV11 Details

Join us on 18th October 2020 at Tibenham Airfield for more rolling 1/2 mile action. We are also hoping to have a bit of a car show vibe, so if any owners clubs would like to attend please do get in touch or if you have a trade stand that you think may be of interest to us, just drop us a line.


All our runway events are now rolling half mile events.  You can see now how your car compares to your mates or to that Supercar that you’ve always fancied owning, over an internationally recognised distance.  If you prefer to run solo that is fine, just let our start Marshal know and they will send you on your own.


On the day of your event, once everyone has signed on and had their safety briefing, you will be given a number and a corresponding sticker for your car.  Everyone MUST do a sighting run after the safety briefing in order that you get to see the run and where the finish line is, how long the braking area is etc  Once done the runway goes live and the event begins, you head to the start and upon the starter giving you the ok you go and unleash every horse that you have!  We will record your top speed and time taken and you will slow to the end of the runway before being directed back to do it all again.

Please also note that the payment of £145 is for you as a driver. If you have more than one car that you want to bring that is fine. So if you want to run a different car you can, but do make sure that you register them all so that we know. Each extra driver sharing a car incurs an additional premium of £50.